Smart Lock

1Does the lock come with warranty?
Igloohome provides a 1 year product warranty on igloohome locks. This covers mechanical and electronics defects.
2What can the Igloohome smart lock and mobile app do?

With the igloohome Smart Lock, you can grant access to your guest in 3 ways:- Pincode | Bluetooth Entry | Key.

You can use our mobile apps to:-
1. Pair and manage various locks in various home listings
2. Perform Bluetooth unlock and Easy unlock
3. Generate and manage One-time, Permanent Pin codes and Duration PIN codes
4. Change Master PIN code
5. Check lock battery status (refreshes with Bluetooth or PIN unlock)
6. Send Bluetooth key

For more details, you may refer to this blog post to find out more about what the mobile app and smart lock can do.

3Does the smart lock require internet connection?

Internet connection is only needed at the point of set-up and pairing. After pairing, you can create PIN codes remotely even without an internet connection. A similar system is used in online banking, which requires you to key in a one-time password that is generated from a security token. Similar to our lock, the security token is not connected to the internet. Yet it can generate codes that allow you to log into the system, and these codes change each time.

Essentially, there is a ‘formula’ that has been programmed in both the Igloohome smart lock and our app (likewise, in the bank system and security token), so that they can understand each other without being connected. You may wish to find more in detail in our blog post.

4What models of the lock are available?
2 models are available -deadbolt (for Main Door) and latch (for Room Door) . Full specifications of the models can be found here.
5How many PIN codes can I set?

You can have as many as 5 active PIN codes (for Latch) and 100 over active PIN Codes (for Deadbolt) at the same time.

You can set up to 285 PIN codes (in total, including active and expired ones) before you need to reset the lock so that you can start creating new PIN codes again.

6What types of PIN codes can I set?
You can create temporary 8-digit PIN codes for friends, family or other visitors. You can set how long these PIN codes work for (from the time that they are first used) - from 10 minutes to 180 days. If you wish, you can set it to be a one-time access PIN code. You can set permanent PIN codes as well.
7How do I create temporary PIN codes?
You can create them using our Igloohome mobile app at any time.
8Is there a master PIN code for the lock?
Yes, there is a master PIN code that is pre-set in the lock. You can change master pin code through your apps by enabling the Bluetooth. This is to ensure that homeowners will always have a working PIN code to enter their property.
9How is the lock powered?
It runs on 4 AA batteries, with a battery life span of up to 9 months.
10How do I know when the battery for the lock is running out?
The app will display the battery status of the lock as last updated. Whenever a bluetooth key is used, the battery status of the lock will be updated. As such, you will be able to monitor the battery status of the lock as long as you use the bluetooth key at regular intervals.
11What happens when the battery for the lock runs out?
The app will display the battery status of the lock as last updated. Whenever a bluetooth key is used, the battery status of the lock will be updated. As such, you will be able to monitor the battery status of the lock as long as you use the bluetooth key at regular intervals.
12What happens to the lock during a power trip (ie. electrical blackout)?
The lock will be able to function as per normal since it runs on battery.
13Is there still a physical key for the lock?
Yes, our lock comes with the option of being operated by a physical key (each lock comes with 2 keys). This is usually meant for emergency situations and to provide reassurance to home owners that there is a back-up mode of entry. It is not necessary to use the physical key if you do not wish to do so.
14Do you have a lock for metal gates?
Currently, we do not carry any. However, we are looking into locks suitable for metal gates (this may take a few months). Feel free to leave your email with us so that we can inform you if we launch this product.
15Are there any security features to ensure that hackers will not be able to unlock the door?
Advanced AES encryption and server side architecture are used for our software to ensure the highest level of security.
16The touchscreen of the lock is smooth and reflective, such that fingerprints can be left on the lock, making it easy to guess the password. Is there any feature which minimizes the risk of this happening?
There is a decoy PIN code feature which allows you to type in up to 8 random digits before your actual PIN. This is entirely optional, and you can choose whether you wish to use this or not. Also, with the security lock-out mode (see next question), it will be difficult for people to attempt to access your house by guessing your PIN code.
17Is there a security lock-out mode (eg. when unwanted guests try to guess your PIN code by randomly pressing digits)?
Yes, if you enter an invalid PIN code 5 times, the smart lock will automatically go into lock-out mode. It will not accept any more codes and will only flicker when you try to input new ones for the next 5 minutes. This is a security feature.
18Is the igloohome smart lock water-resistant?
Yes, the igloohome smart lock is water-resistant but not water-proof. It's highly recommended that our locks be installed in sheltered areas, as warranty does not cover water damage to the lock.
19Is there an auto-lock feature on the igloohome smart lock?
Yes, the latch model locks immediately once the door is shut. As for the deadbolt, you can enable the auto-lock function (do note that it works when the lock is unlocked via bluetooth key or PIN code only). You can configure the pre-set time (5-120 seconds) before the lock relocks.
20Can I disable the auto-lock feature on the igloohome smart lock?

For the latch - no, it locks immediately once the door is shut.

For the deadbolt - yes, you can disable auto sensor lock by not installing the feature if you wish.

21What happens after I make payment?
After payment, you’ll receive an email to arrange for lock installation time and date. Normally it is within 2-3 working days from payment day.
22Are there any hidden costs or annual fees for this product?
No, what you see is what you pay.
23Does the igloohome app work on all Android and iOS phones?
The app is compatible with iOS8 (and above) and Android 4.4 (and above). It is compatible with iPhones, Samsung phones and other popular Android phones. Please contact us at info@smartlockmalaysia.com if you are unsure if your phone is suitable.
24I have issued a PIN code to a guest but I have changed my mind and no longer want the guest to have access. Can I de-activate the PIN code remotely?
As the igloohome smart lock works offline, PIN codes cannot be de-activated via the app once they have been issued. You will need to reset your lock via bluetooth (ie. be in close range of the lock) to ensure that the PIN code is no longer valid or change the code from the lock to prevent access.
25Is there a version of the lock that is suitable for left-handed doors?
Yes, the handle of the latch lock can be swapped to suit either right-handed or left-handed doors.
26I have purchased the igloohome smart lock but now have changed my mind. Can I get a refund?
No refund permitted.
27What happens if I lose my smartphone?
If you lose your smartphone, please contact us immediately to disable your igloohome account. Anyone with access to your smartphone will only see a blank screen and not be able to access any functions on the app. We also recommend that you use Android Manager or Find My Iphone to remotely lock your phone.
28How does the Igloohome Airbnb synchronisation work?

After a guest's accommodation booking is confirmed, we will send a unique PIN code to the guest. Guests can use this PIN code enter your property throughout their stay. At the end of their stay, the guests' PIN code expires. When the next accommodation booking is confirmed, a new PIN code is generated for the next guest.

Essentially, this automates check-in for the Airbnb host. Also, the constant changing of PIN codes ensures that the property remains secure.

29How can I get started with Igloohome Airbnb synchronisation?

To subscribe to this service, you need to have an Airbnb host account to start.

This video shows how to activate the Airbnb Connect function on the igloohome app, after you have purchased our igloohome Smart Keybox or igloohome Smart Deadbolt 02.

Check this out >> https://youtu.be/QUBHqsmELgA
30 How much does it cost to subscribe to Igloohome Airbnb Connect?
It is currently free for a certain timeframe till igloohome Singapore announced the charges.
31How many people can use the same igloohome account?
One account can be shared across multiple devices.

Smart Home

1What is a "smart home"?
The term smart home refers to the regular home, which has its appliances, lighting, and electronic devices connected to the internet to enable remote monitoring and management. The homeowner enjoys the convenience of securing, operating, and monitoring their house even from another side of the world. The devices that are connected are lights, security systems, cameras, audio and video systems, televisions, thermostats, and even sprinklers.
2What are the benefits of home automation?
The first and foremost reason to buy a home automation system is for comfort and security. The other benefits that the homeowner gets to enjoy are the convenience, remote access, savings, and peace of mind. A few home automation systems have become more accessible and advanced, that the homeowners across the country are upgrading their homes.
3Which devices are most commonly controlled in a smart home?
There are a variety of devices and appliances that get connected and controlled in a smart home setup. The most common ones fall into four categories, and they are lighting, climate control, entertainment, and security.
4 Are smart homes affordable?
Yes, smart homes are affordable. However, there was a time when smart homes were considered a luxury. Setting up your smart home is easier than ever but choosing the right smart home system to unify your devices and get them talking together is the biggest challenge that a homeowner faces today. Know how you can benefit from turning your house into a smart home; this helps zero-in on the right product.
5Does home automation increase home value?
Home automation is on high demand, and thereby, it increases home value. Today, everyone wants to live in a smart home and enjoy advanced technologies. When a house uses smart technology, the homeowner can most likely raise their asking price. It would be best if the homeowner worked with a licensed real estate agent, though, to ensure your price falls within what the market can bear.
6When is the best time to install home automation?
The best time to install home automation is now. The smart tech offers security and safety for the family and the house - nothing beats the security aspects. Besides, the best time to install home automation is while building a new home or renovating an existing one. In both the scenarios, the homeowners can get down to the wires easily.
7How can I save energy with home automation?
Home automation makes sure that your home uses resources like electricity and water more effectively in order to reduce waste throughout the home. Besides increasing security and convenience, home automation can indeed make a difference in the environment and you will thus get smaller utility bills. You can save energy by using energy management devices like smart power strips and switches that can turn off lights and appliances when not in use, thus saving energy and reducing costs. For instance, lighting controls can be set on a timer and this will prevent lights from staying in the ON mode for the whole night or day. You can also get smart lightbulbs that work with motion sensors and respond to people leaving or entering a room, thus helping you to save energy and money.
8What home automation systems are available today and what products do they work with?

A variety of smart home devices and systems are currently available on the market. Each of these come with a unique set of features and different specifications. You may get confused about what to choose with so many options. Make sure that the gadgets you add are compatible with each other or just go ahead and get yourself a smart hub that will bridge any gaps.

The market today has smart home devices from popular brands like Wink, SmartThings, Google Home, Amazon Echo, etc. Wink Hub 2 supports BLE, Z-Wave, and Zigbee. Additionally, it integrates with Philips Hue, Amazon Alexa, Canary, Lutron, Canary, and iHome. Samsung SmartThings also supports several protocols. These products work with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Z-Wave standards, and Zigbee. Amazon Echo integrates with Philips Hue, ecobee, Insteon, Honeywell, Nest, and Belkin WeMo. Google Home is the latest hub offering fewer product integrations when compared to Amazon Echo and Samsung SmartThings.

9Is home automation worth it?

Home automation is mostly a good investment as it helps in saving money and time. The following benefits will help you understand why home automation devices and systems are worth the investment.

Security: Home automation delivers security and safety, helping you to lead a stress-free life style. This is true because once you start using these home automation devices you will realize that you can relax as an alert will be sent if anything strange occurs in your house. Whether burglars or unwanted guests, these automation devices will alert you when these individuals approach your house.

Financial Savings: Some home automation systems save you money on water bills and utilities. For instance, a smart thermostat and sprinkler system guarantee that your electricity bills do not shoot up in the summer.

Comfort: Home automation is a good investment as it prevents you from rushing around in the morning and getting all stressed when trying to get the lights turned off before you leave home and also when trying to get the thermostat set. These devices are so comforting because if you forget to turn off the coffee pot, these devices will monitor the situation and automatically turn it off for you.

10Do I have to make my whole house smart?

Making your whole house smart is NOT necessary. You first have to prioritize all your options and then decide whether to invest in a full-scale home automation network or in separate smart gadgets.

If you want a automate your whole house, there are tons of home automation solutions you can choose from and these include appliances, climate control devices, access control and security elements, entertainment technology, lighting controls, and energy management tools to name a few. Also, you need not buy all the smart home devices you need at one shot. To help you stay within a planned budget, you can plan your purchases in different stages.

No matter how you plan to buy the home automation systems or devices, always make sure that you choose your devices carefully because not all devices are compatible. You need to verify that the devices or systems you want to buy actually work together.

11How reliable is a home automation system?
Basic home automation systems will transmit a command out and just believe that it is actioned. However, more complex home automation systems will first send a command and then wait for a response. A variety of actions can be executed if a response is not approaching. Home automation systems are reliable but if you go in for the more complex devices and systems then the cost also becomes higher along with the need for a skilled specialist for the installation process.
12What are the top 3 devices benefited in the home which benefit from being integrated?
The 3 most sought-after devices that are integrated with any of the home automation system are lighting control device to turn on/off the lights as per the user’s requirement, heating control device to maintain temperature depending on the weather conditions which also helps to save energy and to control the television/music system.
13What is available in the high-end security market?
Security alarms, CCTVs help in protecting the owner’s property from thieves. Technology has taken security to the next level – family can set up monitoring devices connected to the home automation system. This helps the property owners to take control and oversee the facilities when the intruder tries to enter the owner’s property even when they are away from home.
14Does smart home technology work in business?
Smart home technology is absolutely a very good option for business. There is a list of smart devices that can be integrated with home automation system. It helps to control conference systems, a range of smart TVs, security, lights, surveillance, audio, etc from a single console.
15Will you have to punch holes in my home to install your audio video system or smart home technology?
Hard-wiring is a good and reliable option for home automation system – we ensure to avoid drilling in holes but in some instances when there is a need to make holes we would ask you in the first place.
16Is the smart home system complicated to use?
A smart home automation system lets technology take care of your home and business. In just few clicks, life is made easy and every device connected to the home automation system can be controlled through a remote or an app installed on a smartphone or tablet. For instance – if you are going out, you can press “Away” and all the activities programmed while in Away mode is made to control instantly – it locks the doors, turns of the lights and other devices that has to be turned off, etc.